I luv my ex bf but I'm not sure if he's trying to gain my trust or is using me please help?

I really broke my exs heart 3mths ago and till this day he makes comments from time to time they like slip in about how i hurt him and he cnt forget. However after I have apologized numerous times he tells me he's past it and we shld move foward. However, his comments about how hurt he's been before or how if a guy appears he makes it seem like I'll find them attractive how i like guys to give me attn. We broke up because he felt I wld flirt and chested on him which I never did. But his insecurities got the best of him. However even tho we have broken up he txts me at least 5 out of the 7days what I'm doing etc. We hug and kiss at times I have given him sex but back when we were together i didn't because i wasn't ready yet. So now hopefully that wld show him now how much I care for him when he knows how special that is to me. He's told me before not to force anything to me it's like he wants to make the decision not because I'm telling him I want it to happen. I feel like I'm having to pay for my mistake. He told me b4 he wants us to be friends now so I can gain his trust and maybe in the future we can work things out. Other times i heard him say we are too diff. Everyone tells us it seems like we r together and never broke up. Each day I go (work together) and try to just go to work but he obviously is always flirty. I get smiles from him when he sees me. Other times I've told him ima distance myself n he says not to. Someone please help me i luv him so much


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  • you two need to get on the same level with your relationship. sit down and talk it out. exes shouldn't be doing what y'all are doing.

    • Exactly.. but he's not the type to discuss r relationship everytime I've tried he shuts me off and gets mad. As he says I'm forcing it.. so now I dnt even ask but you are right him and I are normal exs which is so wierd.. i luv him so much and just wish he wld realize he's going to lose me if he cnt make up his mind.. I've been holding this long but people tell me u shld just be distance so he can miss u

    • i think the whole "distance thing so he can realize what he had" thing is crap unless you can't get him to realize what he has by talking and explaining things to him. i think you need to tell him that he is going to lose you if you two don't sit down and talk things out. that might get him to see things differently.

    • Yah i dnt c how distance wld help instead to ne it makes him think idc.. but Yesterday he asked me something and I said why dnt u find a girl who can give you what you want but I tell you the day you find someone your going to lose me for good.. he than tells me "ugh your so mean lol"

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