Drug addicted and over it?

I left my drug addicted boyfriend after over 12 months of putting up with his ice addiction. He is a fulltime single father of 3 who won full custody of his children. His boys are all under 5 and I took them in as my own. My partner sat in the garage all the time with mates getting high while I looked after his children, I did everything for them and him. He stopped spending time with me and I had night after night on my own in bed. I got sick of it all and packed my stuff and left 4 days ago. I'm 8 weeks pregnant with his child. At first he told me I was selfish and just walked out on his kids, then he didn't want nothing to do with me. He said it's time to just move on then and I said yep goodluck finding someone who will accept your drug addiction and look after your 3 children. He hung up then called me back 2 seconds later and told me he loved me and he has stopped drugs and wants me to come home. I came back, but not with all my things in case I leave again. We go out then on our way back home he said he wanted to have a nap once we get home and I said no way, I'm not looking after your kids on my own anymore. We went inside and he went straight for the couch so I went into the bedroom and layed on the bed until he decides to get up. The kids can run around, it's not my problem. Should I just leave while he's on the couch?


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  • Nothing destroys a life like drugs. I have seen friends loose everything and women become cheaper than whores all for drugs. Prisons are full of women on drugs, doing drugs, selling drugs, protecting a man's drugs. Drugs place a curse on the children.

    I would say leave him and let him fail on his own, but it seems like you have been hooked on to a looser for life.

    • I left him ;) I got an Intervention Order against him for his violence against me.

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  • This will be a strange answer. If I were you and loved his kids I would take the kids and leave him. He will not change until he hits a really low bottom and the kids should not suffer for it.


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