Crazy dream about my ex gf what does it mean?

I made a video for my ex gf too say sorry n said both sides of the story my friend sent it too her for me n she got really upset telli
My friend too tell me too take it down saying throwing knives I don't truest him. so thought I go say sorry in person tm but I had a dream in the dream I got a message from my ex gf saying I need a one too make my mom fun again who can touch me then I wake up with my heart pounding wtf does that mean? N leaving the video up it helped me get peace of mind something she would not give me n the video was not ment too hurt her here is the video link
Don't post anything here auto c changed some words up so I need too fix it so removing it n I'll post it back up later


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  • It's hard to just understand what you wrote bro... I can't even.. no.

    • Shit auto c Should have checked my spelling

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