Breaking up while living with your boyfriend?

I've made up my mind about 75%. I still need to think about it more, but right now i'm mostly worried about what will happen if i do come to the conclusion it will be best for me. I hear that when you break up while living with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and even if it goes well you will want to have somewhere else to be for the next few days/weeks.. But in my situation, i dont have any friends, and those i could call friends are his family. Probably a bad idea. My parents live hours away, and they dont even have room for me. So, i quess i'm stuck with having to live there even after the breakup. I quess you could say, that he could just live with HIS parents/friends, but we are only renting a room in a tiny apartment, with his best friend as a roommate. Plus, his brother has the apartment underneath ours. I dont want to chase him away from his friends and family, and it wouldn't feel right me living there alone with his best friend.. It would feel very wrong. The only option i can see, is that we have to live together till i find a new place. that would probably take months, and i have a hunch that that would be like hell. HELL. He has always been the type to take things heavily, and even when i want to visit my family for a few days, he goes bananas with tears and won't stop texting/calling me. He would very likely stop going to his classes alltogether, have a serious breakdown. I'm really worried what it will do to him, but also how i am forced to watch it.

Erm, this is mostly just for ranting about my problems, it does feel good to tell someone what have been nagging me for quite some time. I realize there is probably not much i can do to change the outcome. But tips are always VERY welcome! :) Ideas, tips, past experiences, anything goes!


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  • If you're having doubts about your relationship, I'd say try to work things out with your partner. If you don't feel the need to do that however, it's probably best to move on. In which case I'd suggest looking for a new place. If you break up I think you should move out and live somewhere else. Try getting on your own feet build your own life. Not breaking up with him because he'd take it heavy isn't a good reason to stay with someone.

    Good luck.

  • You can look and find a roommate to move in with

    • that is actually a nice idea.. thank you.

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