How long before u ask out someone just separated?

Above question really any guys can answer how long they would wait to ask her out?
Thanks I'm the girl just split up and fallen for a bloke who I think likes me as he keeps asking how things are with my hubby he hasn't been in touch now though for 1 month after telling him I've split and wonder if he's ever going to ask or if he's not into me 😂


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  • so you are the one that thinks he likes you? so maybe he doesn't really... but you just think so.
    anyway, from what i can see/read, seems like he just has the caring curiosity. also the time that it takes for a guy to ask a girl out that just split with someone else varies from guy to guy. statistically speaking, the longer he waits the more he cares because he probably wants you to heal or get over your ex first. statistically speaking, if he asks you out now, the chances of success is minimal because he could either have a motive, or you ruin it by bringing up/thinking about your ex because you haven't had time to come to peace with the split.


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  • I broke up not too long ago with a guy I really loved. So, if someone were to ask me out id probably say no at the end and perhaps wait a year or so to start over.


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  • Its OK to ask now but they may say they're not ready yet. You could then say when you are give me a call


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