I want my ex boyfriend back?

we have been broken up since may and he now has a girlfriend. we were together 4 1/2 years (17-22). he was my best friend and i still feel lost without him... i know i sound stupid for saying that and for wanting him back while he has a girlfriend. he's all i've known and i miss him so bad. :(


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  • Do you think he'd be likely to take you back? If it's over its over. Wanting him back is a reflex of break up. Your lonely and you gave regret and feel like you need him back. But in fact you can move on. He has a girl friend, I'd leave them alone. Try find a way to distract yourself from these feelings. Go out and enjoy yourself at clubs or something im not sure, and find another guy.

  • Tbh I think that you should just move on, he's found someone else, it's over, forget it.


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