I got drunk one night and readied my ex on FB and Instagram. Was his reaction normal? How should I take it?

Let me start from the beginning. There was this guy that liked me so he asked me out at first I didn't really like him so I didn't really act like I liked him. Then I started falling for him but I didn't really realize it. We were never officia but he told me he really liked me and he wanted to make us work. Anyways I fucked it up Cuz I was way to Unaffectionate i wouldn't even kiss him he would have to kiss me all the time. I didn't do that because I was still in denial like I was in denial but I was like that manly because I was naive and I was kinda a prude.

He broke it off with me saying I was too awkward and he didn't see it going anywhere Cuz how I acted. This was like 4 months ago and I changed so much since then. He was a big reality check. And now that I been growing and changing I realize the girl he wanted was me now. But when he broke it off I kinda got mad at him and I deleted him off of everything.

I didn't try to talk to him ever since and he never did the same. But I got drunk one day and I was really emotional and I added him on fb again after I deleted him and instagram and he added and followed me back. What does that mean? Does that mean he just wants to be nutrual with me? Or maybe he still likes me? I know he was very physically attracted to me but physical attraction only gets you so far. I added him and stuff at 4 in the morning.. but he never tried to message me. I post semi emotional instagram captions sometimes that are hinted towards him so maybe he thinks I'm obsessed with him and he feels bad.

I don't understand why he would add me back. Maybe he just wants to not be enemies nor friends? Anyone have any theories? Thanks
I appreciate all answers
Update! Okay so when we were together he was like always online and now it seems like he made himself offline. I don't understand? Like maybe he's scared I'll talk to him and I can understand why he would think that but why would he add me if he was so scared I was gonna message him? Please help!!! thanks


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  • ... defriend and move on... way too much energy being wasted on this.

    • Ya Cuz I have energy and I'm not old like you :)

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  • Maybe he just wants to be able to see what your up to and so he wants to keep you on as friends in social media. Give it some time, space for you to draw back let him miss you a bit. Post some stuff of fun and exciting things that you are doing. Let him wonder and then see if he initiates contact or send him a cheerful hello (after NC for while) then you'll know if he's interested!

    • Thanks for your opinion

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