Have I completely messed this up? Broken no contact with late night sex?

It started off as friends with benefits and we were both quite happy with this set up, I knew from the beginning that he was NOT interested in a relationship- just some good sex and good company.
Fast forward 8 months and we're in a situation that feels strangely like a relationship, although the conversation is avoided by both parties, it's known that we need to have THE TALK. We both really like each other and I was under the impression that if you liked someone enough they would want you to be their girlfriend? Is this true?
After a long and hard conversation where he couldnt say what he wanted, I knew that I had to say that it was over because even though he wasn't saying it, it was obvious that he still didn't want a girlfriend. He continued saying that he didn't want to lose me and that he enjoys my company more than his friends, I told him that in no circumstance could this happen- I had to think about myself, I knew I wanted him and it was evident that he didn't want me.
A week passed following the no contact rule when he text me, something just to make conversation but I wasn't giving in. I replied but very blasé avoiding any details. Now, we are in the same circle of friends and that night he was at a mutual party, there was alcohol involved and he left. I decided it was the perfect time to break the no contact rule and with his consent, went round to his house and had sex. I feel pretty shitty and worthless now, but I want to know if now I have broken this no contact whether there is still a chance of me getting him to see me as girlfriend material or if I have completely f'ed it up?


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  • I'm gonna say from what I just read you just put yourself into a position in which he just wants sex and thinks that you'll stick around just for it even though you want more.


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