What does this quote mean to you?

"Don't lose yourself just because you found somebody."

Can this pretain to if you had a failed relationship/ breakup and its reminding you to not fall for anyone and get carried away the next time you find someone?


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  • Like any quote, this is a matter of interpretation. Personally, I don't think its about a break up or failed relationship, but I think u have the right idea when u mention getting carried away.
    I think it applies to those people who get so caught up in someone else and trying to be a good significant other that they aren't being themselves. Those people who drop friends, ruin personal relationships, quite jobs, etc for their bf/gf. They totally lose themselves.

  • It means that when you get in a relationship you have to remain individuals, in a partnership. Don't make them your everything. Keep your hobbies separate, keep your lives separate to an extent. Share a life together, but don't forget to go out and enjoy your own life. Have your own friends.


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