Is his ego crushed or do he really miss me?

Okay so my ex out the blue text me and tell me he miss me I didn't reply to that and he ask can I see him at work cause he wanted to see me so I was like okay cool. So I picked him up for work and bring him to my place. He started to cuddle with me and then we started kissing and I guess he got in the mood of having sex so he tried to and I told him no so he got mad saying I'm giving it to somebody else and all this so I didn't care how he felt. I feel like I have to protect my heart and plus you not even my man. So I took him back to work and he text me saying he love me and now he knows that I'm having sex with someone else cause I didn't give him any. But really I'm not having sex with nobody. And he was saying lately he haven't been thinking straight cause he know that I moved on and all this. My question is, is he just saying this stuff to try and have sex with me or is he really missing me?


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  • Sounds like the plight of a person who can't get anyone else so the first instinct is to run back to the one that will be easier to work their way in. here are other facts...
    -you already messed up by going to go get him (he's an ex for a reason, you want that reason repeating itself?)
    -he probably does miss you, or at least he does, now that he can't seem to get anyone else.
    -he wants sex with your for sure, but watch, he won't make any effort to commit because deep inside, he is still waiting for someone else to come along and the moment they do, history will repeat itself.

    this happens to every gender btw. So i recommend going with "I feel like i have to protect my heart" and mixing it with the fact that he is your EX. last i checked, he wasn't doing any protecting.


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