I want to be friends, but I still have feelings. help?

well my ex and i have become pretty good friends over the past month. (6 months after the breakup). he means a lot to me and he's one of my best friends now.

unfortunately my feelings for him have redeveloped, and it didn't help that i showed him i was interested and then he did a few things unintentionally to lead me on and then I asked him about it and he said he didn't mean to send mixed signals now I feel hurt again. he's one of my best friends and I love hanging out with him and I think its the same for him, but i started liking him again!!
I told him i needed time to not be friends before I could talk to him again, but I've been crying all morning. i wish I could be content with being friends.

am i going the right way with telling him im doing no contact? how can i see him as a friend? we mean a lot to each other, but i hate myself for feeling this way. I don't want to cut him out of my life completely just because of this. it would be awful, especially since we help each other so much.


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  • You can't be friends with your ex when you still have feelings for him even if you don't ex's staying friends is never a good idea. I tried it and broke my heart even more. You have to start moving on it will be hard in the beginning but it will get better. You have to break off all contact.

  • LET IT GO AND STOP ALL CONTACT!!! This doesn't work! It never works! That extra thing that you're trying to hold on to is what is biting you in the ass, it makes you run in a circle. You won't move on. To be honest i skimmed your info cuz really no one needs to know your situation, the answer is always to move on, all you're doing is holding on to the chance of everything going back to being how they were, how you both were, but it will never be the same, so save yourself the torture and amputate him from your heart cuz its OVER. (*from experience, cried for almost a year straight, dont be me)


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