How long should I do the no contact rule?

Its been a week and she seems to miss me, but they told me to wait for her to come back because i already did my part trying to work things out.


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  • If she miss you and want u back she would text you and say sorry but she didn't so keep ignoring her tell she know her mistake and if she loves u she will come to you she won't wait you to make the first move, you did everything you can to make thing work it's her turn to let her ego and dignity go


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  • You were given good advice. If she wants to talk to you or work it out then she will be mature about it, otherwise you don't want some girl playing games with you.

    • Very true. Thank you!

  • A month, minimum. Unless she comes back to you

    • thank you... if it does get past that month.. what should i say to her?

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