Are there exceptions to the no contact rule with an ex? if so, is this one of them?

after a grueling week of doing everything wrong like begging & crying for him back which led to him being really angry at me for continuously calling & him asking to be left alone... my ex invited me to sleep over for a weekend (i know its weird.. the flip flop was shocking to me)& i agreed, we finally met up... i assume it was cause he wanted to have sex even though he had called me crazy for a week straight. We had a "closure session"... prior to this i hadn't been able to go a day without calling & texting till he answered, after the weekend i was finally able to go full NC. we cried together and said we could be friends eventually. He broke up with me & knows i want to be with him... he says not a chance in hell due to my insecurities & he thinks we can be best friends in the future but nothing more (i know -.-) in a stark contrast he also proposed to continue having a sexually exclusive relationship, but i told him i couldnt do it. last thing said was that he'd keep checking up on me. Its only been a week NC... but im pretty sure he will text me before the 30 days are up, we agreed to check in on each other, if i just ignore him when he does... won't he just assume im playing stupid games to get him back? its only been a week but i already feel 10x better... my feelings are fading... there is something about knowing without a doubt a man doesn't want you (he explicitly said he isn't inlove anymore or want me romantically) that makes it easier... i actually do think we can be friends in the future though at the moment i want more. just asking if i should still be NC for the 30 days if i already told him he could check in.. if i ignore and contact him after a month.. wouldn't he be turned off further from any sort of relationship platonic or otherwise? it'd be like he gave me an olive branch of friendship when i want more & i turned it down... what do you guys think?
  • Stay NC if he contacts... you need at least a month regardless
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  • Reply since you already agreed but keep it at that, it won't effect you
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please explain furture too


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  • it sounds like he is saying "30 days" but really means "never"... do not worry about him contacting you... and if he does contact you... DO NOT REPLY

    • lol you probably didn't even read this properly to respond this...

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  • I think you can reply but try to keep it kind of short & to the point.

    I tried to keep it short & to the point with my ex but I slipped up more & more & now things are complicated & I'm getting hurt & sad again when I was just starting to move on & feel better. So I would say don't do what I did, keep it short & sweet until you feel ready to do anything more.

  • I think you are asking the wrong question here, The question should be "Is this guy who knows I want to be with him but he doesn't feel the same way, worth my time?"'; to which I would answer--probably not. You want someone who is as crazy about you as you are about him. You shouldn't ever have to beg or plead someone into being with you. I know that's harsh and I don't mean to come off as insensitive but he really doesn't seem to be worth your time.

    You need to stay no contact for the foreseeable future. I know it will suck because you'll ask be playing out the "what-ifs" in your head, but talking to him at this point will only delay you from moving on.


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