Why did he change after I stop caring?

I was with him for 2 Years and I found out about another woman, so I through rants and went off on him. He just brushed me off and ignored me. So I stop calling, texting, and when I did see him I said hey and gave him nonchalant answers like (OK, Ya, really, I see, if u say so and whatever) Now he is calling and texting me but Why. I told him he can have her?


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  • Maybe he just wanna be normal friends or he hasn't get over u. Either one, best to keep a distance. Once a cheater always a cheater

    • That's the thing every time I break up with him he acts like nothing has happened. So now he's all into me since I been so nonchalant... but I don't won't him anymore cause if he did it once he'do it again

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  • Or he realized you are better or his adventure is finished and want to go back for what he knows is save.

    • Is this something men do adventure out then wanna cone back when it dont work. So I'm I his plan b

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    • I think He's the player type because he been tying to make it seems like I'm crazy and I shouldn't be mad

    • Basically been trying time manipulate me

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