How do I stop feeling this way?

They last time I felt this sad was when my Grandmother passed away. The guy I like has moved on suddenly and I've been crying my eyes out for days. I feel so sad, it literally feels exactly like the time my grandmother passed away. We haven't talked in a few weeks, and then suddenly this girl starts posting all over his page, and about how they're togeher, I feel so broken. How do I make this feeling go away.


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  • Be around your friends and keep yourself occupied

    • I've been crying so much pretty sure this fricken sucks, every two seconds. realizing someone doens't want you is the WORST feeling ever.

    • Yes it is, but you have to pick yourself up
      There's a lot of people out there miss, I'm pretty sure you'll eventually find a guy who suits you, it hurts yes, but keep fighting

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  • you just gotta keep trying. there is nothing you can do to instantly make that emotional pain go away.


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