Will dormcest hurt my exs new (possibly rebound) relstionship?

Ok so about a month and half ago me and my ex of three years ended things. She had just moved to college and only was there for about to 2 weeks. We had problems like normal couples but would always fix them and work to be a stronger couple. The week she moved in I called her every night (at her request) and we had smacking nights on the phone flirting, being romantic, talking about our future as husband and wife, and even having phone sex (I know it's sorta trashy but we needed it). We were so in love as we had been for a long time. The next we began to fight a little but nothing we couldn't handle (normally). At the end of the fight she ignored me for anout a week which is not like her at all. Then she called me and said she wanted to break up and that she didn't love me anymore (which I believe is a lie). She immediately had another guy there by her side. They are not official yet but they always post pictures together and are on each other's side cknstantly. I know she didn't chest on me or anything but I think he was lined up from the begining. This was a total blow to me sense it was barley a week from the breakup. She will not admit to Bering with him but I know they are based on their pictures and the way they talk. I still want her back like crazy though. One of my main questions is that is them living in a dorm together healthy for them? I get how it's fun at first but after sharing a kitchen, friends, bathrooms, and only one club in a town with nothing to do could this be benificial to me? Could this suffocate their new relationship and make her realize the crass really isn't greener? I still think she loves me but just wants to have a good time. To me the new relationship appears to be a rebound because I don't think she had time to get over me in a week.


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  • Her relationship with this new person isn't a rebound since you didn't dump her. I think maybe you said or did something to offend her. Otherwise she wouldn't have dumped you out of no where.

    It could be healthy for them because they're together and can physically keep each other company. Not to rain on your parade but the grass might be greener after all.


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  • Maybe, in the long run, when she reaches the same point with him that she did with you (excitement gone, mystery gone = spark gone) - but more than likely she'll move on to somebody new who isn't you.

    Best to just try getting over her, she's one of the ones who thinks that "chemistry" = "love" and will be forever seeking it, not understanding why she can't ever seem to find someone that it sticks with.


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  • You sound very bitter. If her feelings were genuine, she wouldn't just dumped you like that out of no where. I do not think she will get back with you. It seems like you have your hopes up... and that she hurt your ego. She dumped you for someone else. So it's not a rebound.


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