Im very confused with whats going on with my ex girlfriend, PLEASE HELP?

My gf broke up with me Oct 7th after about a year of being together. She fell for me the moment she saw me and has never been in love with someone so much. We were perfect for eachother and loved eachother more than any of our past relationships. Her family loved me aswell, i was their favorite bf that she has ever had. For the first 2 weeks of the break up we meant up twice and talked, cuddled, kissed, hugged and had sex. After the night of having sex she said that she knows she can't go into a relationship right now and that she needs time apart. 2 weeks later i meant her at a Halloween party (Nov 1st) where she came up to me and hugged me. She saw me again and kissed my cheek. She left the party and texted and called twice saying i was the hottest guy there and wanted me to sleep over and cuddle. I went over for the night where we kissed eachother, hugged, and cuddled deeply. I also played a song on guitar for her that i made for her and she loved it, she cried her eyes out because she thought it was so beautiful and wanted me to send it to her. The next morning i left and she told me to text her when i got home and i did. We begin to text through the day and she went to sleep but said i can text her to hangout and study together through the week. I never texted her through the week as i was very sick (Nov 3-7). On the Nov 7 i sent her the song and she was very surprised because she thought i didn't want anything to do with her again. She sent me a couple snapchats on the weekend. One was a picture saying good times and others were saying for me to stop being so attractive. I asked her what she was thinking and she said she doesn't want me out of her life but feels it may not be a good idea to get back together right now and sorry if she was leading me on and that she's confused on what i want or what im feeling. She didn't get my text so she thought i didn't want anything to do with her but i straightend it out and said i thought things were getting better
and that things might get fixed. She sent a massive text before i replied saying to forget about her and and that i was the sweetest, and that she will always love me and its just so easy to kiss and cuddle me cause it feels right. So i asked her out on a date and she said yes, but has to talk to me about stuff and im scared what she has to tell me. I just dont know what to do right now, she said she doesn't want a relationship but is fine with seeing someone for now to see if there's change


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  • Very confusing for u I'm sure. This sounds like she is feeling guilty about something or is hiding something and wants to push u away before u find out about it. She obviously wants u and loves u but her head is ruling her heart at the moment. Something is wring with her and you need to get her to open up. I don't know what to suggest for the best but if it was me I'd either get her alone and ask her straight out or talk to her family tell them about it and see if they know anything or just completely cut her off from your life and see if that forces her to open up but something is wrong. She can't suddenly change like this but still want u and want to sleep with etc.

    • The reason why we broke up was because of me, i was acting my normal self for the last month, and i would get very salty and jealous with her, and she felt like she couldnt make me happy anymore so it put a lot of stress on her and she needed to break up. She didn't do anything with anyone and i believe her, she said that her heart belongs to me. She said she doesn't want things to go back the way they were when we broke up, she wants to take it slow because she said if she gets back into a relationship and nothing changes she would hate herself for doing so. She very confused right now i believe, she thought i didn't want anything to do with her and then i ask her out on a date.

    • Just see what she has to say but I still think there is something to come out of her she feels u won't like

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