Why would she post this if she's the one who broke up with me? HELP?

(We fought and she broke up with me out of the blue. We were together for a year)

She recently post this on Facebook "Why throw away a diamond and pick up a rock"

I haven't talked to her in a week and i haven't dated any girls. she's the one who broke up with me so it doesn't make sense.

Could it be another guy?


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  • It refers to you, but it's not because you broke up with her. In her mind, it was the fight and whatever was said or done that she is referring to here. Girls are weird like this, we'll break up with you and then blame you for throwing away a good thing because in our minds you did when you did whatever it was that we didn't like. We figured if you cared about us, you wouldn't have done it and we wouldn't have broken up with you for it.

    I didn't say it made good sense or anything, it's just something we do sometimes. As for the post itself, I would just ignore it because it's classic ex-baiting tactics to post stuff like that. She knows you look at her posts, and she put it up there to mess with you and make you do exactly what you are doing right now... wonder about it.

    • tbh i had to re-read your post because it was hard to understand this girl logic lol but i think i got it and yes she got me wondering but i will not react to it! thank you for your time!

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    • Yes yes!! i actually thought about those questions... if she left once when she promise she wanst then why would i want to get back with her. Are you a psychologist? lol im just really attached but this whole ex bait pushed me away. I dont think i'll aplogize because i already did and i begged her ( big mistake) but its going good knowing that it will kill her when i ignore her. I'm not bad looking tbh and i go to work and college so its her loss! You were the person i was looking for a week! thank you so much!

    • Haha, no, I'm not a psychologist. I'm just kind of a jerk and I played a lot of head games when I was younger so they are old hat now. Glad I could help you out, though! :)

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  • Real shit, not trying to be funny... leave her alone! She sounds like one of the crazy ones who love drama and conflict!

    • Well i have stopped all communication for a week and still planning to keep going but im still attached to her :/

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    • yea that makes sense. I was surprise about your answer because she is a drama queen sometimes and you said it with few information. Thank you for your time

    • You're welcome.

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  • Let her go bro. She sounds like no good. Isn't worth your time.

    • i appreaciate your time to comment, but at the moment im really attached to her. Eventually i will, but what is your opinion why she would do this?

  • Tbh I don't think you're the diamond

    • thats what im thinking too but.. she doesn't have a high self esteem. I dont think she would consider herself a "diamond"

    • I'd say well clear if I were you my friend.

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