How do I get my ex back after I was controlling?

I was controlling to this sweet girl and more concerned with my life. She finally broke it off after 2.5 years. After this happened I realized how much I really relied on her. We have talked a little but she is "unsure" about giving me another chance. How do I convince this perfect girl I'm worthy of one?


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  • I just broke off with my bf because he was too controlling.
    Also, like you describe, he relied on me, without showing me at all that he "needed" me.
    So, when I broke it off, he took it by complete surprise.
    He tried out of a sudden to change everything that I ever complained about to prove me, what a great guy he is. Beforehand he always ignored anything I asked him to change...
    But the truth is, it looked very desperate and not sincere.
    So, long story short, if you want that girl back, I recommend you to focus on yourself! Get your self-esteem up (low self-esteem is why people tend to become controlling in the first place). Get a life of your own, your own circle of friends, your own hobbies, your own life goals. Make sure she hears from other people how awesome and independent you are, and then perhaps she will give you another chance!
    Begging won't help.
    Good luck.

    • Thank u! She contacted me but seems really really reserved and it just breaks my heart to see her like this.. I told her she needs to take her time and make a final decision for herself. Was this right?

    • Yes, well done. Just leave her her freedom and dont contact her, it will just draw her away. Its now up to her.

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