He broke up with me because he felt bad for cheating on me?

My boyfriend (make one year tomorrow) had a crazy relationship. He ended up leaving me for my best friend who is such whore, honestly. We were broken up for a month when he decided to come back to me. He came to my house with a promise ring and he was in tears and I love him, I love him to death. So we were trying to work on things, and things were going well we were both so happy but I did bring up the incident with my friend a lot, because randomly it would anger me. Me and this girl ended up fighting, and he felt horrible about it.
He tried to break up with me for the same reason yesterday, he told me he wants me so bad but he feels like he's hurting me and that I really am way to good for him and I deserve better than what he did to me and he doesn't want a reminder of what a horrible guy he is. We discussed everything that wasn't right and then he broke down and said he can't leave me he loves me too much and all of his friends are telling him that he really fucked up and he should let me go. We met up yesterday and we kiss, we both felt that fire, I still feel like it's the first one every time we kiss. He told me he needed to kiss me one last time before he left me, what the hell..
He said he's doing this for the both of us and what's in my best interest. I feel like it's not only for me, he was never able to man up and accept the backlash of his fucked up actions.
I am so heartbroken and I am so devastated. I put his happiness before mine hoping we could make things work and all of a sudden he is okay with me leaving. I thought he was going to be by my side the same way I stood by his. I embarrassed myself and make an ass of myself to keep him, and to keep and protect us and our relationship. I believed the would've worked and we would be able to pull through this.

I cannot stop crying and I am so in love with him. I would do absolutely anything for that boy...


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  • Oh my oh my u girls when will u learn. HE CHEATED WITH YOUR FRIEND... HE IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT AND YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM... never go back, once a cheat always a cheat he betrayed your love and trust, did he live u while he was fucking your friend? Did he think about u as he sucked her tits and grabbed her arse as he shot his load inside her? NO HE DID NOT get rid of him he's using it as an excuse to go on to your next friend. U deserve better but in life we set our own standards so don't be one of those that guys can just treat like a doormat and have no respect for because u have no respect for yourself. Good luck

    • me and him took a break, and he went and fcked her and had a thing with her for a few weeks.

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    • Some guys don't know a good trying when they have it just keep your head high and move on from him your better than him and deserve better treatment

    • he said he left me because he felt bad, but I just found out it was for another girl... I'm so hurt..

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  • "I put his happiness before mine hoping we could make things work..." That was your first mistake. This guy cheated on you, why did you put him first? You never should have taken him back in the first place. You need to respect yourself more, you don't deserve to be cheated on. Stand up for yourself and leave him. All he's doing is keeping you running around in circles.

    Right now, it's like he's got you wrapped around his finger. He cheated on you yet you're upset that he's leaving? Come on girl, I know you're upset but gosh, know your worth!! You're worth so much more than this. Let him go and move on. I understand that you love him but that doesn't mean it's a good relationship or a relationship worth hanging on to. You deserve better.

    • he was my first love... this is the boy that i am in love with.. i hate it so much. i love him will do absolutely anything for that boy.. i believed him when he was crying in my face begging for me back.

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  • Bet you 100 bucks he's fucking that girl right now.

    So much for "feeling bad about cheating on you" hm?

    • Welcome to the battlefield called life girl. It's an ugly and vicious world filled with cruel, selfish people who have no control over themselves.

      Here's a knife. Here's a gun. Learn how to use it, or you're fucked. You'll need to learn how to defend yourself from bad people.

    • I don't know but before I took him back he came to my house with a promise ring and a big letter and he was in tears and telling me he loves me I've never seen a boy cry that much ahah

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  • Sounds to me like you have to let him go.

    Though I really can't be one to talk, my bf cheated on me back in September twice within the space of a few weeks that I was away at Uni (one was no more than 3.5hrs before my bus was due to arrive at his place) and after him breaking down into tears, telling me what he did, apologising profusely, and promising me it wouldn't happen again (which he has never broken a promise to me when he has said "I promise") I chose to stay with him and try to get through it... and tbh we have, the bitch he cheated on me with knows its not happening again and that I will industrial glue her twat closed if it does, and he has told her it won't be happening.. (he had her on speaker phone when he told her)... I know the saying goes "Once a cheater, always a cheater." but I guess sometimes giving them 1 more chance gives them the opportunity to change.

    Though in your instance it appears he had his second chance, so I would kick him to the curb girl

    • i want to get through it so badly, i know one mistake i did was always bringing it up. we were actually taking a break when he fucked her, but she always had a thing for him when i was with him. regardless break or not, i consider it cheating. i really miss him and i love him so much, how can i not? i see him everyday at school. what can i do?

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    • If he is like that then he is a cock and sooo not worthy of you. If he tries to come back, tell him to fuck off.

      If he had any care about you he wouldn't be doing what he is doing. He has you on a string and is loving the fact that if one girl dumps him he can always go back to you... dont let him this time... I know it is gonna be hell in a handbag to do it, and will involve a lot of pain and tears, but you need to let him go, you deserve so much better, and there is better out there... I just wanna punch guys like that fair in the balls and make them feel the pain they cause.

    • yeah he's with another girl right now, he kinda left me for her.. I'm so sad I don't know what to do or how to feel. I haven't gone go school because I don't want to see him or her.

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