I don't know what to do!?

she left me for another guy 2.5 months ago, I'm so depressed i can't stop thinking about them together, i love her. why and how could she be so cruel?
i don't even feel i can stay living in the same city, its so painful.


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  • many of us have been there and done that, possibly on both sides of the equation. but here's a bit of help: think that if she chose someone else instead of you, it wasn't meant to be anyways. things happen for a reason, don't blame yourself and don't blame her. who knows where the right gal for you might be? you'll eventually find her. in the meanwhile, proceed to healing: focus on yourself, there are plenty of things to see, to do and to experience, even without a 'special someone' :)


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  • I think it's late to ask y she left you its 2.5month but you need to out of that mood because she dont deserve to think about her man she left you for someone else what u still wating for? I really think sometimes your type have less testosterone but I'm not doc but I bealive testosterone have its effect anyway now take deep breath and try to focus on your life your daily life have some family meeting it may make you feel better and the best of the best find another women she will make you feel better no doubt even 20% but you will feel better i think if you will think more about her you just hurting yourself and wasting your time


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  • That's awful, I'm sorry that happened to u. The worst thing u can do is dwell on it. U need to pick up your life and run with it. Keep busy, socialise even though u are gutted. It's hard but it's the only way u can get past it and move on.


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