JUST BROKE UP and wanting him back?

so my boyfriend and i just broke up a few days ago and im really upset. he says that he's 100% done and that there's 0% chance of getting back together. I feel like he's acting out. Such as, he's doing things that i dont like just to spite me i think. And he says "oh we're not together" and that " i just want to be able to do my own things." But i feel like if someone is truly done and there's no chance, they wouldn't be acting like this. And its really hard because we live together. And he keeps saying that im his best friend and that he wants to be friends and that we get along as roommates but shouldn't a best friend take their "friends" feeling into consideration and no do things that they dont like? He's says he wants to be friends and still live together but he's making this really hard for me. Cause he's basically treating me like a roommate and that we never dated like we just met or something. Like last night , we had people over and hung out with them. But i felt like he was treating me like too much of a friend. Like he was acting too single considering we broke up a few days ago. It felt like i was just background and not important and if i wasn't there, it wouldn't make a difference. I want him back and i dont know what to do. What should i do? Cause i really dont want to get to the point that he starts dating again. And also a couple nights ago he said that he couldnt sleep because i wasn't there and he said that he's so used to me being there. Does that mean anything? and if so what?


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  • How long have you been in a relationship and how long have you been living together?


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