Cheating, Drugs, and Confusion Please help!?

So my boyfriend recently broke up with me cause he is addicted to anything and everything he says. But the other day we talked and he said he had been clean and that he wanted to make us work and he said he will always love me and he didn't want to lose me he was just worried that things would never be the same cause he got drunk n high and cheated on me. He said I was too good for that and that he was a piece of ****.

Days go by and he isn't talking to me so I confront him and he doesn't even seem to remember the conversation we had and on top of that he is seeing a new girl.

I deleted him off Facebook and he got upset and said he wished we could at least be frineds.

It was only two weeks ago we were completely ok and had plans to move in together in a few months. And then bam it all changed.

My question is what should I do? Do you think he still at least loves me? If he says he loves me why is he seeing someone else? I don't know how to help him get off the drugs and its killing me.


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  • You can't be rational and logical with someone who is on drugs. It doesn't matter what the issue or task at hand may be. Until he is clean sober and STAYS that way, you will continue to run around in circles with him and that's a waste of time. He said "you're too good for this and I'm a piece of shit", you say "yes i am and yes you are!" and keep it moving. People put themselves down so you'll feel sorry for them and not want to leave them. Its basic manipulation and quite petty. Another thing to add to the equation is that he doesn't remember the conversation you had, so it must have not been that important to him to begin with. AND he's seeing someone else, thats another reason to let him go. And even though he's seeing another girl he wants you to stay and be friends with him? Uh, no! He can't have his cake and eat it too.

  • This guy is a bullshitter. Not worth your time. His actions will never match up to his words.


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