What does this mean because I really don't have any dating experience?

I was dump by text and a man says you will find someone.


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  • It means he's an ass. I hate people that text it.
    It's ok, it happens. When you've got no experience, just see guys like that as not only relationship practice but also refining your asshole sensor.

    • Yes, later on after couple weeks he started texting me like nothing ever happen. But would text every once in a while

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    • Why would he keep texting like nothing happened? Weird or mind games. I know it hurts now, but it'll be nothing soon. Its experience that's all. When you learned to walk run or ride a bike you got hurt but experiences taught you how to do it. This is the same. Assholes you meet just teach you what clues to look for over time.

    • Yes, True

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  • its more common to get dumped via text these days , its an option being chosen by people looking for an easier way out than to confront the person there dumping

    • Cause the dumper is guilty of doing something wrong and doesn't have the balls to admit

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