Why would he not give me closure if I politely asked him to in order for me to move on?

I was with this guy for over 3 years. We were engaged at one point and he's told me so many times that we had something really special and beautiful. The day we broke up (which was 8 or 9 months ago) he said that he was really hurt and that we were not right for each other but he never explained how we weren't right for each other. He blocked me on facebook, immediately jumped into a new relationship (he had been on various dating sites and asking every girl in the area if she could be his new gf) and he's still with this chick and they are LIVING together. I wrote him many emails politely asking him why he won't talk to me and if he could just give me some closure. He reads them, keeps them, and never responds. I know this because he gave me his email account information while we were dating and I get on his account just to see if he even is reading the letters I send him. One time I sent him an angry email telling him that I hated him and I wish that he would just be honest with me and he responded, "I have done everything for you to be out of my life! Leave me alone or I will get a restraining order against you." I'm sure that on his end he thinks that that's closure but my end I want to KNOW what happened so that I can move on and make peace with it. I feel like he might still love me and it can be worked out if we talk about like adults. I can't forget him. He was my first and only love so far...
by the way I am a female and I have absolutely no idea how to change the gender on this site. I am a straight female and he is a male.


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  • please try to move on. He said he would get a restraining order and you still think there is hope? He does not want you, he probably keeps the emails as a proof of stalking or something. You need to go on his account and delete all the emails you sent him, then forget about him altogether.


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  • Some people don't have the balls to be honest. And not want to hurt you.

  • Sounds like you dumped him. He is hurt and pissed. He is saying screw you even though he still likes you. But he is done. It is broken and if it is broken, just move to the next phase and stop wasting time and getting tied up in her crap is what I would be thinking.


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