The girl I like hasn't texted me back after a month of full conversations and 3 dates, is she not in to me anymore?

I need help, the girl I was talking to basically just vanished and hasn't replied in days, she said she liked me, and I took her out on 3 dates, then out of no where she just stopped talking to me! What should I do to get her back?


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  • Best thing you can do is give her space, as frustrating as that sounds. If she is giving you confusing signals, chances are, she's confused. Give her some breathing room, because it is so early on in the relationship, she may not have as much tolerance for you as you would like, which is why it is crucial that you show her that you won't crowd her in future situations. In a few weeks, if she hasn't initiated anything, I would text her bringing up something that reminded you of her. Just be polite and friendly, and if she doesn't accept that or take off with it, don't take it personally at all, there must be a lot more factors preventing her from wanting to settle. Just repeat the process a week later. Could just be bad timing. Good luck!


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