She uploaded a picture of her ex after 2 weeks of break up? WTF? HELP?

so we had arguments and she broke ended up breaking up with me. I begged for a couple of times throughout 1 week till finally gave up.

1 week later of no talking, she uploads an instagram "crush man monda" with a picture of him!!!

This guy would hit her before!!!

We went out for a year and i was the first guy she had ever gave a ring to!!!

Im suppose to move on but this is stuck in my head!! i hate her so much!!! please!!! why would she do that!!!


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  • She's doing it to mess with you. Classic ex-baiting tactics right there. She's either fishing to see if you'll contact her over it if you've decided to go NC with her, or she's just doing it to stir up drama. Just ignore it, and ignore her.

    • I heard im not suppose to react to it and pretend like it doesn't bother me, but tbh this is killing me inside! thanks your advice i'll keep in mind!

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  • She seems really childish and likes to play games/toy with ya
    just keep telling yourself you deserve better ^_^

    • She is!!! and i do deserve better but right now i dont want to get into relationships :/ thank you for your time!

    • Exactly, pay her no mind, delete her from w. e ya have to
      and just be you for a while. ^_^

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  • Guess she got back together with the ex...

    • The guy who cheated on her like twice and would hit her?

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