How to forget my girlfriend is not virgin?

she is not virgin , i don't know , what can I do to forget this or accept this?


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  • Ok you need to decide if that is something you can accept about her. She was honest with you and told you, that's a really good thing.

    If it is too weird for you and you can't accept it, it's ok. But give her a fair shot.

    I'm a virgin and I've dated non virgins thinking I could compromise but I didn't feel compatible with them. They wanted to go faster and they didn't want to wait. I would be happier with a virgin guy but I would give an honest non-virgin guy a fair shot if he was willing to go my pace.


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  • Why is the fact that she is not a virgin an issue for you? Knowing that can help us answer you.

  • Break up with her. You won't be able to accept it. Ever.


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