Will I from an ex again following a good breakup?

6 weeks ago, me and my ex broke up after he said he wanted to experience being single, and as we are both finishing college make career decisions separate from a relationship.

We were together for over a year, had travelled Europe together and I also got on extremely well with his family and friends. We never really fought, and I was never a clingy or crazy gf. The break up happened somewhat out of the blue a few days after a trip to the snow I planned to cheer him up with.

The breakup was by all means good, no argument, swearing etc. I just gracefully accepted his decision and haven't contacted him since.

Its been 6 weeks and on the occasion I see him him on campus, he immediately leaves. Recently I messaged him asking how he was and congratulating him on graduation, but never heard back.

Any thoughts that I'll ever him from him again, especially since he wanted to be friends, then just turned cold after?


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  • sounds like he's done. Move on darling. You have have the upper hand now, don't ruin it by chasing him. like you said. You were graceful. if he wants to be cold, let him go. At some point, he's gonna get served by Karma. You just move on.


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