My ex doesn't want to talk to me about closure?

why does my ex doesn't want to talk to me about closure? he. broke up with me 2 months ago. he block me on fb as well but maintains all social and messaging apps. after the break up he still mesage me. saying hi, im confuse is it normal? what does. he want? days ago i told him thay i want to move on and close that chapter of my life. i know i said some bad things because of the pain i felt. he left me hanging. now i just want us to be friends again. like we were before.
why is he like that? i just want closure through call. he said whats the purpose of talking while I've already said things? so confuse of his actions.


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  • He may still love you and think there is a chance to get back to you. It is possible that he is still hurt from your words and is not ready to go back to being friends. I say move on and leave him where he is.

    • thank you. but its so hard for me to just leave him. part of me still misses him. but you're right i need to move on.. it pains me whenever i look back. all the friendship is gone. i felt so much pain because of the trust and love i gave. sad but i didn't save some for myself. thinking he wouldn't do what he did.

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  • Closure doesn't really exist. There is always going to be more shoulda, coulda, wouldas for any relationship. either accept that you're just friends now and closure in the relationship won't happen or break it off entirely.


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  • He doesn't want to so if you want a friendship quit pushing it. Why? Maybe guilt, maybe it was painful for him too. Either way he just doesn't want to and doesn't owe you.


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