My ex said this to me and now I am confused?

So my ex and I dated for about 7 1/2 months and were "talking" for about 2 1/2 prior to that. We were also the best of friends and we got along 99% of the time. We broke up because he said he's not in the right time in his life to be a relationship and he wants to focus on other priorities first before he settles down. Also because he doesn't think he's ready for a long-term relationship. He said he still really liked me, he really enjoyed being in a relationship with me and I was the only girl who could truly tolerate him but he just wasn't ready for a relationship like he thought he was. I was heartbroken but we decided to still be best friends. I was in a rough patch also at that time and he did stuff that really made me angry. I blew up on him telling him to never talk to me again. The "NC" (no contact) phase happened for about two months. I realized how petty and immature I reacted to the situation (the "stuff" he did wasn't big, it was me overreacting). Plus I have been moving on and such so I apologized to him.

Shockingly, he forgave me and even more shocking he told me he was never even mad or upset with me in any way to begin with. He then said he will always accept me as a friend no matter what happens and that he will always want me around; but it's really up to me whether I'd be around and if I ever needed to break off from him then I could. We were texting all day yesterday and the night before that when I apologized, just catching up on stuff and it's like nothing even happened between us. I'm confused to what this means what he told me though? I'm just very shocked that he said all those things considering the things I said to him were pretty bad.


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  • Confuse but seems like he likes you, maybe just affraid of the relatioship.


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  • It means he'll always be there for you

  • He's not as emotionally volatile as you.


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