People should deal with low levels of discomfort for others?

Okay. I hate a lot of people. A LOT.

And this is one of the reasons. "OHMYGSH! HE WAS SO RUDE. SO I BROK UP WITH HIM."

Sometimes someone will mess up. Lose everything, and the only people that could help them through it, are one of the things they lost.

Dealing with 'A creep' is a silver dollar compared to DEPRESSION.

I mean, feeling uncomfortable around someone is NOT THAT FREAKING BAD. At least if you can help someone else out for something in their life.

Sometimes someone sucks at "Being romantic" . Sometime's it's "Disrespect". Others: "Control".

But do you deserve to be treated as satan by someone you loved for having a fatal flaw?

I dunno, what do you guys think?


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  • Most people are selfish and are only willing to stand by their partner during the good times. As soon as things get tough or the other person isn't perfect, they walk away. This is why marriage vows are written as they commonly are. Unfortunately few people really stop to consider what the vows even mean.


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  • Not really sure where you are going with this. Yes, sometimes people will break up over petty things. Sometimes people you love decide that they are done and they walk. When you ask them why, the reason seems insignificant, or like something that could have been easily enough resolved if they had stuck it out. Thing is, they didn't. They wanted out, and they went.

    Yes, it sucks, and is one of the hardest things ever to be in pain and feel like the only one that can help you feel better is also the person that has caused you this pain. Thing is, if they wanted to be with you, they would be, and that's the end of that.

    Maybe their reasons for wanting out don't seem important to you, but they were obviously a big enough deal that they wanted to pick up and go. And if you still feel their reasons were petty, think of it like this. Do you really want someone like that in your life that will walk away over a small flaw? Let her go, and do you for a while, and then get back out there and see what else there is.

  • so never break up with someone, ever?

    maybe that person needs therapy instead of a relationship. its not my job to fix you. seek help

    • This means a lot of things.
      -People getting wrapped up in simplicity. Even though relationships ARE NOT simplistic.
      -To accept others being bad at "Romance"

      I am fine with break ups, but at least think about whether or not the other really deserves it. This depends on how much it means to them.

      If you don't know how much your relationship means to them, why are you IN ONE.

      That is the point I'm trying to make. Sorry if it's confusing.

  • I did not quite understand what I am supposed to answer to.. You mean that people shouldn't break op with their SO's, and stay in a relationship, even though they aren't happy?


What Guys Said 3

  • People break up for all sorts of reasons. I think you're being a tad overdramatic.

  • depends on the circumstances i guess.

    • The circumstances I'm using are far too frequent. That's what I'm complaining about. People get so wrapped up sometimes in this simple black and white world. "IF IT'S BAD IN THAT SITUATION, IT'S BAD HERE TOO." And even "IT'S EITHER ENOUGH TO BREAK UP, OR ENOUGH TO CONTINUE BEING PERFECTLY HAPPY".

      I'm complaining about us over simplifying everything to the point where we don't look past the end of our actions.

    • yeah people can go to the extremes almost instantly without ever giving a second thought or taking time to cool down before making impulse decisions. it happens.

  • People who state that they "hate a lot of people. A LOT" have particularly high expectations of other people. Realistic or not, you are allowing these expectations guide your experience with others. Most people won’t measure up to these expectations.

    When you grow up you learn what you like/don't like and develop your values. When you start socializing and interacting with others these interactions can be positive or negative. You probably started off having high hopes for others but you were let down as they "had a fatal flaw". So you formed a “schema” (a mental representation that others do not meet your standards). This view isn't conscious, you were not aware that you had high standards that others weren’t reaching. But you were probably aware that you felt uneasy. That resulted in a view that “I can't expect others to meet my expectations,” which later translated into "I hate a lot of people. A LOT".

    People like you have high expectations of others, so high that these expectations are nearly impossible to meet. You’re standoffish because you're are evaluating other people's worthiness. If they prove themselves worthy, you will lower the guard and may spill about the negative experiences you had on this website that have led you here. Perhaps you seek the approval of some of these GAGers.

    I think your expectations are so high that you cause your own pain, depression and negativity. Most of these expectations for others cannot even be met by yourself, yet you still maintain them and evaluate others’ worthiness based on them.

    tl;dr stop judging people so harshly and being a douche. You are not superior to anybody here.

    • BRO!! Calm the heck down. Just because I don't like a lot of people doesn't mean I have high expectations of others!

      The whole point of this was saying people should be more accepting when you mess up.

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