Perplexed by my ex: texts me to say we should meet up several times but doesn't follow through, follows me on social media... advice?

Looking for some advice - sometimes things are clearer with another perspective.

So I met my ex through my brother. He is really sweet but with me he was always really quiet and shy, but with his friends he is really loud, confident and outgoing. We were seeing each other for about 5 months but during that time life was hard for both of us - he was looking for a new job and unemployed, and I just stated a new job... quite stressful. I ended things abruptly a) because I couldn;t cope with everyhting happening in my life at that time and b) he couldn;t communicate clearly with me - if I asked if he was ok or how he felt about being together (as it was never confirmedthat we were boyfriend and girlfriend) he would just repeat the question back to me. I'm someone who wears ther heart on their sleeve and found it really hard being with someone that couldn't say.

After the break up we spoke and he said that he wishes he told me how he felt. After that I'd get messages from him asking how I was doing. I'd always reply then he wouldn't text back.

A while later, we started messaging and he said it would be good to see me and we should catch up. I replied saying that'd be good and to let me when he was free. Nothing. This happened a couple of times.

I had an Instagram account and he started following me and liking some pictures, same on Facebook too. He went to see my brother on holiday and before he left he contacted me to say that he meant to get in touch before but that we should catch up when he returned. He hasn;t messsaged since but still leaves comments on my social media.

Feel confused - have no idea why you'd say to someone 3/4 times to meet up and not follow through... what do you think?
Thanks for shiring your thoughts


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  • Red flags should be going through your head at this point. He wants to reconnect but never follows through. If he were really serious about getting back with you he would have made a better attempt at reconnecting other than through social media. When he wanted to visit your brother he was serious and dedicated enough to visit him but he couldn't muster enough dedication to meet up with you. Your account says that you are of the age of 25 to 29. You are too old to be playing these mind games. It is a waste of your time and a waste of his. You need to set things straight and figure out if you eant to go another round with him.

    Good luck


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