How long until your ex contacts you again?

My ex and I instantly hit it off within 2 dates and we dated for about a month. It was a long distance relationship though because while he was in school, I had an internship in another state. We had a nasty break up where I accused him of lying to me and he accused me of not trusting him. I tried to reach out to him a few days after we broke up but he wouldn't reply. It's months later and I'm back home and I desperately want to see hkim and try to work things out but I want him to reach out to me. While at my internship lots of guys from football playrts to European soccer players trI ed to talk to me but it didn't feel like I did with him and I think it will be rare for me to feel that way about someone again. Will he ever reach out or should I move on


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  • Dude you waited months for him, i damm sure has moved on a long time ago, so why dont you do the same cause there is no point in waiting for him. Move on.


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  • he probably won't reach out. but if you really want to try to rekindle things with him, send him a message saying that you're back in town and would like to meet him for coffee or something.

    • I tried reaching out after we broke up and he never replied. So I guess it's over?

    • yep,. sorry :/

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  • It's hard to say. Sometimes if you play more "hard to get" it helps.
    Depends on the guy as well.


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