Emotional affair just ended cos his wife found messages. He told me not to contact him. Have any of you had this and did you contact her again?

Met a guy didn't know he was married, fell for him. Spent last 3 years on and off talking to him. Have just kissed on a couple of occasions but until th his summer when we ended up in same hotel on holiday (he was with his mates) it hadn't been physical.
We have still been messaging but his wife found messages. Most are just general chit chat. Now he's broke it off with me.


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  • He isn't a decent guy to have an affair, emotional or otherwise and kissing is cheating. If he broke it off then leave him alone. His marriage comes first. And now that you know he is married be respectful and don't mess with his relationship anymore than you already have, have some self respect and find yourself an available man.

    • Sometimes your marriage isn't what it should be. He doesn't trust her because she aborted his first baby even though they were married. He left her over it and then got herself pregnant do he took her back !

    • If he wanted out he should have been honest and got a divorce and if you had enough self-respect you wouldn't involve yourself in their marriage any longer, it's not your place.

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  • It's over now, as it should be. But you sound like you want this to continue. This is not good. You should be BULLSHIT that you were lied to and used. But you sound like you knew... Why oh why continue? Why not run for the hills?

  • Are you really over 45?

    • Yes but I spent my life in a long term relationship from 23 to 44 and dating rules seemed to by ave changed since then.

    • Gosh I'm so scared that'll happen to me because I've been with my guy since I was a teen, it's almost 10 years now. Scary shit.
      Anyway, guys like that, you don't even need to have been in the dating game to know he's no good. He's got a wife and kissing and getting to close to another woman. If you're the other woman for any man, it's unlikely he'll choose you over his wife otherwise he'd have just left her at the start to be with you. If he contacts you again, ignore him, otherwise he'll just mess with your feelings and possibly break your heart. If you get too close emotionally to somebody who's already taken, it usually won't end nicely for you. Just be careful.

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