How to act when getting back with your ex?

So me and my guy friend were seeing each other, due to problems in our life's we took it out on each other arguing an he ended things. He then came back last week and apologised and realised he had fucked up and wanted to go for drinks.

What I want to know is how do I act with him? The break up wasn't easy and nice. It was really heated and we hurt each other. He had to cancel drinks due to a injury on his back which he said he was really sorry about. Do I ask him when he wants to go again if he still does? Do I try and make the effort to talk and get things back on track or let things take it's course and step back and make him chase me and make the effort. What should I do to try get things back on track and get our friendship up and runing again


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  • You can work out a middle path. Contact him to ask him about his injury, but don't say anything about going out again. Then you'll get to know if he's still interested or not. And DON'T make him chase you. Most guys hate it when girls play hard to get, and just give up on them.

    • But how do I know if he's still interested? Surely him coming back means he does?

    • Yes, he is most likely interested. Just ask about his injury, and maybe casually mention about the drinks.

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