Would you want to be back w your ex gf?

if your a guy and you broke up w your ex gf just because you misunderstood her and the situations but after few months you found out It was all misunderstanding and you broke up w her cause you disappointed on her about something never happened. Would you try to be back to her?

and another question, if you met a new girl that you thought she's a nice person but found out she manipulate people and none of people around you likes her. What would you do? Would you stay w the new girl or going back to your ex?

If your in love w a girl who isn't who you thought she was.. Would you stay w her? or breaking up w her? would you like the girl who lies, use people and use situations to be w you (lied to you to break up w your ex gf but now you found out her skim what would you do?)


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  • first case; if it was a missunderstanding we'd be able to sort out and forggive, then most likely. Then again, if just a missunderstanding can drive us appart, will it last? Will we be able ot face the troubles of life and come out victorious?

    Second case; i'd leave her. Chances are she's also (trying to) manipulate me. Know a person, not by how the person treats you, but by how the person treats others. Because manipulators are not afraid of doing anything to get what they want, ESPECIALLY if she's a narcist.

    Third case; look at second case. Same procedure. "Bye, bitch"

  • I never go back. Break ups are done for a reason. Even if the reason turns out to have been a misunderstanding.


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