After a break up sex?

So we broke up and are just starting to see each other again. I don't want this to only be booty call I want us to be together again as a couple. How can I make this happen and should we hold off on the sex. (as difficult as that may be).


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  • I vote for sex
    b/c everyone feels better thereafter
    it's really not part of the emotional cement
    the relationship will either sink or sail w/ or w/o it

    why make things harder than they must be


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  • It's like reading a book you have read 500 times, you know the ending. My advice for you is see new people. There are billions of people in this world, why settle for alright when you can have great! ;)

    like me! feel my love ;)

  • Tell him that you want more than just sex

  • Interesting question... I too like this woman whom I broke up with. The sex was great. My fear is that I would find it tough to sustain another relationship with her. So we just stayed friends.

    One, of course, always wonders of the road not taken!

    You need to want something badly enough (or want to avoid it badly enough) to make sure it happens!


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