Should I talk to my ex? It's now or nothing please help?

She is talking to ex boyfriend again after we broke up but this guy had cheated on her before and physically hit her

Why did she forgive him and not me? we would get arguments and that's it

Should I contact her before it's too late?

It's very hard to move on so that it's not an option at the moment :/


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What Girls Said 1

  • No don't contact her! You guys JUST broke up, she hasn't been with the ex for awhile. After time, we tend to bury the bad stuff and hang onto the good memories, so she's probably not thinking about all the things that went wrong with them right now. Your break is fresh though, so any way you 'messed up' is fresh on her mind. Keep your distance, let her go back to him if she chooses too. It will only be a matter of time before the same problems arise, and when they do, she'll probably be missing you. She can't miss you though, if you don't give her an opporunity to do so. Plus, not hearing from you will peak her curiosity about what you are up to and will probaby also help her contact you sooner.

    • It's been about 1 week and half without contacting her and tbh if she starts having "relations" with him then I'll never forget her for that. My mind is having a war with my heart. she's been telling my friends that she is really trying to move on. What pisses me off is how he forgave him. I feel like literally shit right now...

What Guys Said 1

  • moving on is an option. her decision to talk to her ex should actually if nothing else sort of turn you off of her. what's it say about her judgment if she'd go back to an ex who cheated on her?

    I know it seems hard to move on but you should just try

    • Yes it did turn me off and pissed me off. I have been trying but I feel guilty cause she broke up with me cause we would fight but to her it was more like "treating her bad". Tbh I can't move on right now. Too hard

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