He left last week but talks to me everyday?

My bf of a year and ahalf broke up with me. He stressed out hard core last week and left. He cried so hard. Next time he came over and regretted it, I was kind of cold towards him, I thought he was just leaving me like my past exes. Next time I apologize and he pushed me away.
He has been having problems with his war trauma, and what to do after college. He checks on me everyday, and now things seem pretty normal, He seems much happier and our conversations are normal and friendly but distant. I wrote an apology letter for my actions and told him I would be here when he needed me adn if he was willing to work out his problems and want to be with me again I would still be here for him.
He said he understand why I freaked out and said to not worry about him, everything will be fine and to focus on school-which is very difficult for me. I love this guy so much. We are seniors in college-if he would let me follow hiim out of state to his new job I wouldn't think twice about it. I just want to be with him. We were so perfect and then he stressed hard about his bad war dreams and counselor discussions and I guess he couldnt handle it. Said he was pusnhing me away so I wouldn't get hurt. He also said that we will see where it goes right now and that there is a chance we will get back together. But its only been a week and Im dying. Im not kidding when I say I love this boy with my whole heart. We never had a serious fight before. We agree on many subjects. He offered to take me to town to night to pick stuff up I said I couldnt because of classes. But I jus need him back.
From your experience do guys come back from a break? He is still talking to me and cares alot. Im scared to death. We have Thanksgiving break (1 week off) and Christmas break (1 month and 1/2 off). What if he just completely moves on? Im scared.


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  • I went through a similar bout with my ex when we had been together around a year and a half. Only with him it was his mother causing trouble for her 22 year old son, we had a huge fight and he left. It was about two weeks before he came back. We talked everyday during those two weeks, I got extremely sick and ended up in the hospital after having a miscarriage with a child I had no idea about. I was pathetic quite frankly afterwards and I still believe that is the only reason He came back even though he insists it wasn't. We stayed together another 2 and a half years and just about a month ago we split again. He's been trying to get me to come home but I don't think I can this time.
    So yes I'd say it is completely possible you would end up back together. Especially if your still talking and he still cares enough to check on you.
    Good luck and keep your chin up


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