Should I still continue to believe it will work out?

Me and my ex broke up a week ago and I ended up doing the dumb think of trying to take her back and yesterday she finally told me after 9 months she wasn't ready to commit to me yet and she didn't like me in that "way" anymore.. so I sent her a good last text because I'm going to give her space and not contact her... She said she loves me and love is forever and that she also cares for me and has some feelings for me. She said she doesn't want me and that right now isn't a good time... Should I try this no contact thing hoping she'll miss me and we could work this out, or should I just take my loss? She hopes I can show her that we could work out again in the future but right now would avoiding all contact with her help those chances? She wants me to be happy and I want her to be happy. I'm kind of afraid of her realzing whatever it is and it's to late. She doesn't feel much for me and she doesn't like me in that way now. And she also doesn't want me right now... Even after we broke up she still allowed me to talk to her and hug her and stuff which I think wasn't a good idea.. But if she didn't want to, she wouldn't have allowed it... So should I still hope that this will work out again? Some of my friends said if it was real, she'll come back then again if it was she wouldn't have left.. But I understand she isn't ready for a relationship period... Would giving her space completely help any? If she doesn't like me that way and doesn't want me... Could that feeling change if she missed me? If she misses me... From the talk we had tonight, I ended it on a good note and sent her a text so everytime she opens our thread she see it. It feels like if she misses me, we could get this right again... I'm worried that she won't.. I told her to look me in my eye and say she didn't want me, and she did and was feeling bad that it wasn't hurting her to say it... What should I do?
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This is what I told her...
""If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success." -Will Smith...
I'm gonna take this, become strong.. And I'll prove to you... I'll show you what I can do... I'll show you what I'm capable of doing. You'll never forget me... Hopefully one day you'll miss me..
I'll still have a little hope that it isn't too late... If not... Friends... Maybe... Until then,

Hasta luego mi amor."
She said
"Thank you... for everything. I hope you do. Show me..
Hasta luego.. "
We've been broken up for a while now and haven't really talked In days.. She says she misses me but she's kinda being a ass... To everyone. She's gets upset at everything someone does or says... I'm worried about her and her friends are too... What's going on with her? I Can't be the problem because we don't talk.. And from her friends in not either...


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  • I dont want to sound harsh but you dumped her. This was your loss so now deal with it.

    • I actually didn't dump her:.. She did me but she's been depressed for a while now and just told me... She thought I could make her happy and not feel like it but she's not in the best state right now for a relationship.. So I'm giving her my support

    • Ok Then that is different. I mean if you want her back all you can do now is care for her and talk to her but dont rush things. And if you do get back together talk out your problems and see how the two of you can overcome them and make the relationship stronger.

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  • No contact is the only chance you've got. But it's still a really small chance. Use that NC time to earnestly try to move on, don't spend it pining and hoping. If it works and she comes back before you've gotten over her, then great, but if the most likely thing happens, and it doesn't work, at least you'll be closer to finding new happiness.

    • That's what I've been thinking to myself... It's probably a really small chance of her coming back to me.. it was a blindside break up.. I'm all confused still but I understand a lot more... I don't think she'll be moving on to anyone else anytime soon... As for me... Idk..

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  • I think you should leave her in the dust for now and I know this might be harsh but someone gave similar advice and It worked. Do you know the old saying let it go and if it comeback to you then you know its meant to be or something like this is on of thous cases drop her but like a brother or close so if she gets hurt you can help her get back up again. But as you are there for her be dating someone else

    • She's a really good person... She has been changing lately and I wouldn't want to be there for her while I'm with someone else... She's dealing with a. Lot and I think she's trying to make it easier on herself.. then again she could have lost feelings that won't come back... However she did say whatever she felt wasn't changing anytime soon... I'm more curious as to if she'll miss more or not.. More than if we will get back together.. My friends said they bet she will miss me... I don't know I never really gave her the chance to miss me.. Together and apart.

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