I don't know what is going on with my ex?

Me and my ex broke up after about a year together and having lived together. After a while though she says she wants to start dating me again. Me loving her still agreed to it and we have been dating since then. But as of late we hardly see each other anymore and I'm always the one sending the first text. But she does almost always responds to my text and she does show some interest with her text. When we do meet up she is affectionate. Does she still love me or is she just leading me on or what? I'm just confused with this.


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  • Maybe she just wants to take things very slowly this time. If she seems interested, and is affectionate, she probably does like you.
    You could just tell her you'd love to see her more often and at the same time, ask her what she wants this time round.
    Nobody knows if she still loves you but her. You should just have a proper talk with her, ask how she feels.

  • I feel that if she is affectionate she cares about you. Just take it slow and see how it goes. If she didn't want anytihng to do with you she would drop all contact.

    • Taking it slow may be the only way to go about this. If she didn't really want anything to do with me she wouldn't be talking to me. That is something I would of done, thanks for the advise.

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