Really confused, should I give up?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend on 11/01/14. He came over the following day to get his stuff. We talked, both ended up crying a lot and told each other how much we love each other. He said he wanted to come over the following weekend and hang out. We texted throughout the next day or so until I read about NC. I started it and by day 2 I folded. He had text me, called and even his mom text me. I finally responded and agreed to talk the following evening. We did and it didn't go well, he was angry and blamed me for a lot of stuff. The conversation lasted 2 hours. I told him I couldn't just be his friend and he said he still wanted to talk everyday and that he still really loves me. I felt like the tables had turned, I realize that I made a mistake and he was now angry and not seeming like he wanted to get back together. I immediately realized my error and restarted NC. This time on day 3 he texted me several times. Some of the texts were about a joint cellphone plan and I thought just an attempt to get a response. I never did respond. Now he has closed a bank account that was his but had my name on it also. Has he given up and is moving on? Should I just give up too? I'm crushed because I realize I made a mistake in breaking up with him but now I fear its to late. What do I make of him closing his bank account. I don't want to give up but I also don't want to have false hope. Help!


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  • Darling, a gal your age... shouldn't you be acting a little more mature?

    Look, things didn't work out. Write him a letter of apology if you need to make amends. Release him and move on. Try to do better with the next one. That is all any of us can really do... try to do better. Good luck!


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  • It's time to move on. I spent years waiting for my ex to come back to me and I tried everything. It's not worth it. If things are not working between you two then it never will. Just move on.


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  • Yes, closing the account was his way of saying there's no going back. You tried, it failed.
    Time to move on.


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