Why didn't he tell his friends he broke up with me?

My ex and I were together for a year and ahalf. Never had a fight-was pretty much perfect. He had an emotional break down last week-war trauma issues and didn't want me to get hurt so he broke up with me. This was the day he had an emotional break down when he didn't know where to look for jobs after we graduate college in May. I was always there to help hiim and listen to him but he just broke up with me.
The next night he came back crying and said he regreted it all. I was kind of mean, I didn't understand, I though he was just another guy running off but he was scared of his war dreams etc. Next night I apologize and try to hold him and he pushes me away says he can't do the up/down thing. Said he didn't want me to hate him (I usually push exes out forever) he wanted to be friends and see where it goes, it might not be over he says. I wrote an apology letter saying sorry for saying mean things when he was apologizing and needed someone to comfort him. I felt like shi* about it. But apologized from the bottom of my heart and said I would be there for him if he needed me.
He texts me everyday to ask how I am. Eats with my friends because he doesn't have a lot of good friends and I have tons. He told mutual friends about the break up so they would take care of me. Today I find out that his best friend and another guy (his lab partner) had no idea that we werent together. I was really surprised by ths. Why didn't he tell them?
I walked into his class today to talk to one of my friends and left after and he texted me why didn't you say hi to me? What was I doing?
I just dont know what to do here. Is he gonna have us get back together do you think? I can't wait forever and I dont want to be just friends.


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  • He has issues that he needs to deal with and he may do that in his own time. You can't rush him. You have to decide if you want to wait around and be a supportive friend to see if he does, or stop contacting and try to move on and make yourself available to someone else.

    • Yea I dont know. I think Ill set a time boundary. If he doesn't want m back by a few weeks Im calling it off. Its not fair to me. I understand he has issues but i still believe that if he truly loved me he never wouldve left

    • He came back last week and we are super happy and everything is normal!

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  • Sounds like he is playing a control game with you to see how much control he has over you, best to dump him


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