I miss my ex girlfriend very much and am very confused on what to say or do, please someone give me any adivce?

My gf broke up with me on oct 7 after dating for almost a year. She broke up with me because of the way i was acting which was really jealous. We both were so in love with eachother more so than any of our past relationships. She even talked about marriage and kids with me. After breaking up we saw eachother a few times and had sex once. a few weeks ago she said she knows she wants to be with me but can't right now. I saw her at a party after 2 weeks of no contact and she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. She left and texted me 6 times and called me twice asking to come over and cuddle. I went over and i played a song for her that i made up and she loved it so much and cried. I emailed a copy to her a week later and she said she was shocked cause she thought i didn't want anything to do with her anymore. She came over to my place yesterday (nov 12) to do homework, she would get a little touchy and kinda close to my face. She was laying down in my bed and not really wanting to move. She said do you know how hard it is to not hold you right now. She got up and left and i walked her out, before she left she gave me a tight hug and left. She texted me when she got home saying "I jsut feel like i can't not have you in my life, but I don't know if i want you as my bf right now, but i love holding you yet i dont want to give you false hope" I said after that we'll talk about it to clear stuff up. So were talking tmrw (nov 14) and im scared. I want her so bad but i know i can't keep going on like this its torture. All i want to do is kiss her and love her. I know i have to tell her that i can't keep homework nights cause its just teasing me and not fair. As much as she thinks she wants me in her life i feel like i can't have her in mine unless were together, i can never be friends with her it would destroy whatever is left on the inside. I asked her on a date last week for nov 15 and she said yes, so is it a good idea to tell her what im thinking, that i need to move on


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  • It seems like she wants to be with you too. I know you want to do a ton of things and say a ton of things right now to her, but just go on a date and play it by ear.

  • This is tough, I see that this already happened though. How did things go?

    • Nothing has happened yet, were talking today and going on the date tomorrow, i intend to make the date very special, by getting her roses, opening all doors for her and doing something new and fun together, hopefully it helps

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