How can I get my girlfriend back after no contact rule?

We dated for a year but we broke up because we started to get mad.

Its been 2 weeks now and i miss her a lot but i tried that same day we broke up and she wanted me to leave her alone which i did.

I already focused on myself ( college, work , im very fit, etc.)

What can i do? She doesn't seem to miss me...


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  • Keep focusing on yourself. If she isn't responding to you then don't keep harassing her. The feelings will linger but you need to accept that she doesn't want what you want and you don't want to chase someone who doesn't want you. Look forwards to finding someone better suited to you.

    • we cut communication for 2 weeks now and i haven't tried since then. Its hard to move on. Specially when i see her at college everyday. I dont feel confident either. I feel like i can't get a good girl like her.

    • You can't put all your self-esteem on one girl, it's just one. Learn from the experience then try again.

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