My ex broke up with me for another girl but still calls me babe/baby, does that mean he's regretting his decision?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years. Had a baby together, lived together, he told me he wanted to marry me at one time, then he left me for another girl. We've been broken up for a month and a half but he still calls me babe/baby. And when he realizes it he tries to correct himself. Does him still calling me babe/baby mean he's regretting his decision to leave and that he still has feelings?


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  • Sorry, but no. It's just a force of habit. My ex called me all kinds of sweet nick names but we both know nothing is there. He has a gf too. We are still friends, so there is that too. Don't read too much into, don't worry about jerks like him. Besides if he regrets it he will show it in a different way. You don't need him, your child and your emotional heath is more important. :)


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