I talk to the most weirdest guy ever!?

My Ex doesn't want a "title" but he acts like my boyfriend if not worst. I pretty much stay with him from time to time since he's gotten a new place. He tells me all the time he doesn't want to be in a relationship. But yet he buys me bracelet, and refers to his house as our home. I just don't get him. He gets mad if I call him, and ignore my texts on purpose. I feel like he only respond to me whenI'm going off on him or threaten to stop talking to him. I don't like cussing him out I want to be cool with him all the time. What does this mean?


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  • I think there's two possiblities:
    1. He's a jerk who is just playing around with you, to enjoy the feeling of "love" while looking for someone else to fit him.
    2. He's been through some short of things that makes him insecure in love, so he's afraid to be in a relationship. Maybe he hates commitment.
    You should talk to him clearly that he should define your relationship.
    If not, try to get away from him completely. This is not a healthy relationship at all.


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