Why do ex boyfriends be mean?

My ex is mean to ne for no reason. We been on an off for two years but we always got along. I just broke up with him cus he was rude to me. And he already talking to somebody else if i did that he will pass tf out. Now all i want to no is if he benn talkn to this person the whole time bc i feel played an hurt.. but he is being really rude to me. But ge wants me to be friends with hin he said im supose to.. i just dont get why he mad an mean to me when he been liking other folks.


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  • I can't speak on behalf of all guys or even the one your talking about because i don't know what type of person he is but i know that when i personally get out of a relationship with someone i try to focus on all the negative things about them and force myself to hate them, Its just my way of trying to stop loving them and missing them. Believe me if its real love, a break up will hurt a guy just as much if not more then a girl. If he's going out of his way to be mean for no reason then he's just an idiot and still has a lot of growing up to do.


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  • I'm sure he has been talking to her the whole time and who knows what else- some guys are fucked up like that. And then they expect friendship and things to be cool between you.
    Just cut him off babe. Don't waste your time.

    • It hurts though he my first an im his we been through so much for so long. Now when he around his friends he talks to me like im nothing an dont even think bout how much we benmen through.

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  • Clearly, It is guy nature. Same as dog won't let anyone took it bones even it can't eat that bones too. Fuck off this guy and move on. You deserve a better than this.

    • But what do you do when he trys to come back in your life its do selfish for him to say he wanna be cool n that we just broke up and he saying he has no feelings or love me anymore. Like wtf did i do for this.

    • I would say I can be only friend instead of get the fuck out of my life forever asshole.

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