What to do? it's been months?

I was dumped by my ex girlfriend a few months back. It was a bit of a blind side to be but oh well.. I still have legitimate feelings for her and when we broke up I stopped all communication with her for a while tried to reconnect and nothing.. I found out the other day that she's seeing someone new. For days I've been feeling miserable because of it. I'm still in love with her and would do anything to be with her, I just can't. I'm not sure why I'm still feeling this way. My feelings for her are just as strong as they used to be if not more because I've really worked on myself since the breakup and I do genuinely love her. I got dumped because I was depressed and emotionally unavailable, didn't treat her how she should've been treated.. I was never abusive or anything like that, I just didn't cherish what I had and took her for granted. I'm just so lost right now, I'm not sure how to move past this and deal with it.


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  • just forget about her, it may not sound easy but it is. she chose to move on from you, so you should move on from her. if you dont have one yet, try and find a job, and find something new to care about. for me, its videogames. i dont do relationships, i avoid them, and i just stick with videogames and i can say that it is much better. for you it may be something different. but dont find another girl, if you try to fill your heart with someone new it won't feel real, it won't last, and you will be hurt worse. find something you like that can't possibly choose to leave you, if it can't leave you then it will go from something just filling a hole to something you truly care about.

    • I've changed myself considerably. Since the break up I now work out at least 5 days a week, I've got friends, I'm starting my own company. I am just doing better overall. That's just the one area I'm having issues.

    • then your fine, focus on whats going good, not the small problems

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  • I think you might want to consider speaking to a therapist to sort out these issues.


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